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Warranty and service

10. Warranty

10.1.                    The Seller's Internet Multistore Products Guarantee is provided in accordance with the warranty service conditions set by the manufacturer of the goods and in accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Act. The Law states that simultaneously with the acquisition of a good or service, the Consumer acquires rights within two years from the date of purchase, for some equipment it may take longer than indicated on the warranty voucher to claim the seller for non-compliance with the terms of the contract.

10.1.1.  These RAL provisions do not protect buyers who are legal entities. In this case, the parties can freely negotiate the warranty period, and the time limit can be set for any period of time. The seller offers for legal entities (companies) a guarantee period for professional equipment for business purposes use 1 year only.

10.2.                    If in the course of the warranty claims arise about the quality of the purchased item, the goods and payment documents must be addressed to the Seller's company. If the service center detects a defect in production, a free warranty repair is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's terms, and the seller may offer the replacement of the product to a new or equivalent. If during the inspection a defect is found during the use of the product by the Buyer himself, repair costs shall be borne by the Buyer. Warranty repair or replacement of the product does not extend the warranty period.

10.3.                    The product for warranty repair is accepted only with purchase documents, clean, with the original warranty service card, original package, with all its additional elements. Warranty repairs are made by:

10.3.1.  Tadaiķu street 4, Riga, LV-1004, Phone: + 371v67717060, Mob. Phone: +371 25484242

10.3.2.  Brivibasiela 142, Riga, LV-1039, Phone: +371 67613060, Mob. Phone: +371 25666601,

10.3.3.  GanībuDambis 40c, Riga, LV-1005, Phone: +371 67280427, Mob. Phone: +371 29995840

10.4.                    Guarantee obligations can be canceled if:

10.4.1.  The buyer can not present a proof of purchase;

10.4.2.  goods for personal use, used for professional purposes, for profit, for production purposes;

10.4.3.               Instructions for use of the product were violated;

10.4.4.                 if a device other than the one specified by the manufacturer has been installed;

10.4.5.                 the product has been installed with cracked software that could cause damage;

10.4.6.                 uncleared repair has been made;

10.4.7.                 the product is mechanically, chemically or otherwise externally damaged;

10.4.8.                 there are changes in product design;

10.4.9.                 The product serial number is not legible, modified or deleted.

10.4.10.             If there are indications that the Consumer has tried to repair the product yourself.

10.5.                    The warranty is canceled if damage occurs due to:

10.5.1.  foreign matter, insects, liquids or other substances entering the product;

10.5.2.  natural disasters, fires, as well as accidents;

10.5.3.  inappropriate use of power supply voltage, low voltage current and other network parameters contrary to the instructions for use of the product.

10.5.4.  Unconventional and / or inappropriate use of consumables, spare parts, accessories, software, accessories, accessories or media

10.6.                    The warranty does not apply to:

10.6.1.              software, supplies, accessories, accessories, parts and products that wear out naturally during use of the product (for example, batteries, accumulators, housings, toners, bearings, cartridges, etc.).

10.6.2.               The buyer's claims regarding the quality of the purchased product will be resolved in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 631. "Procedures by which a consumer's claim for non-conforming goods or services" is filed and considered.